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Getting There

Delden, The Netherlands. From Switzerland you can book the train, take the car or take the plane. If you fly to Amsterdam, it takes up to 2 hours to get from Schiphol Airport to Delden by train or car. Nice to know: Puck's father and his partner live in Delden, and in the beginning of the relationship of Puck & Matt they spend a lot of time in this house.


From Basel to Delden, it takes you 6 till 7 hours by car, depending on the traffic. For the Dutchies: you know how long it takes to get to Delden ;-)


From Basel and Zurich, there are direct flights everyday to Amsterdam. You can also have a look to fly to Dusseldorf. For the Dutchies: skip the plane, take the train.


Book a ticket via for the best prices. If you're lucky and in time, you will find 1st class train tickets from Bern, Basel or Zurich to Delden for €70. This trip will take 9 hours. Favorite way to travel for Puck and Matt!

Where to Stay

Hotels in and around Delden where you can stay. Make sure you make a booking in time. If you need help and more suggestions, reach out to Puck or Matt. Tip: the apéro & summer party will take place in and close to Delden. But feel free to check hotel options in Enschede, that's a 15 minute drive from Delden.

Where to Stay

Het Witte Paard

They are currently renovation the hotel. Next to a nice museum and at the beginning of the national park Twickel.

Send an email (Hochdeutsch or English) or call them and mention the wedding of Puck and Matthias.

To book a room (only 6 available): send an email or call +31 74 376 4055 and mention our wedding.

First come, first serve.


Apart hotel Delden

Aparthotel Delden. Book via their website or make a call.


De Zwaan Delden

This hotel slash restaurant is situated at a lovely location in the middle of the cute village Delden. The terrace is definitely worth enjoying when the weather is good. Matthias' family is also staying in this hotel.

To make a reservation:

Send an email (Hochdeutsch or English) to and mention our wedding (on their website you'll find no rooms because they are all reserved for us).

First come, first serve!



Located at the beginning of Delden, with a nice garden and across national park Twickel.


Het wapen van Delden

Just outside the city center of Delden, in a green area, you can book this hotel that also has a swimmingpool and you can rent bikes. 

To make a reservation, go to the website or call the hotel.

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Camping Mooi Delden

For the ones who would like to go camping and stay close to the Twente Canal.



Located on the country side of Delden in the Twickel. 20min. walk away from the center. Sleeping in nature, waking up to the sound of the birds

Once You're There

Once You're There

Our program will keep you busy, but when we are not partying together, there are some nice places worth a visit. We’re excited to share a few of our favorite places in the area with you.


Twickel national park

Go for a long walk in Twickel, it's a lovely national park with a beautiful castle.


Museum No Hero

Must visit, and definitely go for a nice coffee in their garden.



It's the biggest city near Delden, where Puck grew up and went to school. In 2001 there was a big firework catastrophe where a whole neighborhood was destroyed. The municipality rebuilt it and made it hot & happening.

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