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What to do in The Netherlands?

The Netherlands, known for being flat, with windmills, a lot of people, beaches and 'haring'. If you are staying a few days, there are some nice things to do, see and visit. If you are looking for a specific experience, please reach out to our ceremony meastro (Theun Landewé, Puck's brother).



Visit Enschede

Enschede, not the typical beautiful city, but a lot to do and see. In 2003, there was a big firework disaster which blew away an entire neighborhood. This area is rebuilt while some original building from the textile industry remained in tact. The area is called 'het Roombeek'. Visit het Rijksmuseum for a nice art collection, and walk from there to 'het Balen gebouw'. In the city centre, you can experience the Dutch café vibe at The Oude Markt. When the weather is good, it's a vibrant place to be. If you want to eat out and have a bit more of a chique experience, we recommend booking Joann, Verso Cucina Italiana, The Grand or Yuzu. 



A small town in Twente (name of the Canton where the wedding is located) with some art galleries. In Ootmarsum you sense the old Twente vibe with farms, typical Dutch building and small streets.




Half an hour drive from Delden you find an amazing old Dutch city called Deventer. Deventer is a 'Hanzestad', together with Zwolle (de Librije is located here) and Zutphen. Worth a visit. De big river The Ijssel runs next to Deventer. Park your car at 'Parkeerterrein de Worp' and take the pont into the city center.



If you are staying in Delden, a walk in national park Twickel is a must. You start in Delden and navigate to 'Vondelpad', and it feels like you are in another country. You can make a 2 to 3 hour walk if you want to, and experience the Dutch countryside.



Amsterdam (or Rotterdam?)

Of course, if you are in The Netherlands, you might want to visit Amsterdam. Please contact Puck or Theun for personal recommendations, because we could create a whole website with Amsterdam tips ;-) If you want something different, yet have a Dutch experience, please consider going to Rotterdam. They call Rotterdam 'New York at the Maas' and see the picture to understand why. Go have lunch at Hotel New York and enjoy this modern harbour city.




Beaches & Islands

The Netherlands has 5 islands and half of the country is located at the sea. We have wonderful beaches and when the sun shines, the beaches are a wonderful (but also sometimes busy) place to be. You can drive to Zeeland for oysters, or go to Vlieland, our favorite of the 5 islands. You can drive to Harlingen and take the boot. In less then an hour you reach the Island. You can rent a bike and discover the island. The islands, and Zeeland, are perfect summer holiday locations, also really suitable with kids.




National park de Veluwe is the biggest natural park in the Netherlands. Forrest, dunes, heide, and widelife can be seen here. The park reaches from Zwolle to Apeldoorn and has a lot of entry points. Kröller Müller museum is a famous place to visit, from here on you can continu your visit with a hike. You can also navigate to The Postbank, the highest point of the park (but a complete joke for Swiss people, this is a hill of a few metres high ;-) 

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