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Puck & Matthias

October 2023 the 26th, we got married in Bern. In 2024, we would love to celebrate our marriage with you on the 5th and 6th of July in The Netherlands.

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A marriage with Swiss and Dutch influences


Borrel / Apéro

5th of July - from 16:00 till 22:00.

Location: center of Delden.

Summer party

6th of July - from 14:00 till 01:00.

Location: Houtmaat Hengelo.

If you drive by own car: See the video (last 800m)


Fashionable, Festive and Fun. For men, that means a veston (blazer) with a nice blouse and a pantalon. For women that means a lovely dress or suit, with vivid colors, a flower corsage, an eye-catching handbag and stunning shoes (ladies, be aware: no stilettos - there is no good/solid ground). Whatever makes you feel like Carrie from Sex and the City.

Our Story

The flight of our life

Puck: "In 2020 I was travelling around the world, from Thailand to Sri Lanka to San Francisco. When I was in San Francisco, I had booked a flight back to Amsterdam on the 15th of March. But, we all know what happened that year: Covid-19. I tried everything to reschedule my flight and go back earlier, but KLM didn't let me. I was annoyed back then, but in hindsight it has been the biggest luck of my life, because on that flight I got a seat next to Matt. 33A..."

Matt: "One week after that flight, I sent Puck an email. That was the start of a year full of video calls and Whatsapp messages. Due to Covid-19, we could not meet. On the 26th of March 2021 we had enough of digital conversations: I drove to the Netherlands to suprise her on her birthday with a Swiss cheese fondue! That turned out to be the perfect birthday present... :D"


Travel & Stay

We will host a 'borrel' slash 'apéro' on Friday the 5th of July. Saturday the 6th of July you are invited to the summer garden party. We would like it if you book a place to stay in or around Delden. In that area, we will host the parties.

Getting There

Getting to Delden

Once You're There

Some fun things to do in the area

Where to Stay

Hotels to check out

Hope to See You!

Find practical information about the wedding and our contact person here.

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